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High-performance protection

100% metal silver shielding material for a waves mitigation from 99,999% to 99,9999% against high and low frequencies (see tests).


High-quality material

Formaldehydes-free, without heavy metals nor nanoparticules. "Eco-friendly" material.


Free of nano-silver

Our silver fabrics don’t contain any nano-silver, but a thick pure metallic silver layer.


French design and conception

Fautless production. All our clothing is hand-made craftwork.


We ship all over the world

All our parcels are shipped with the French mailing service in a beautiful cardboard box.


Online secure transaction

Through Paypal or the secured Systempay Natixis platform.


  • bonnet étoiles

    Printed baby bonnets


    Because protecting your baby from electromagnetic waves is an every day priority, the printed bonnet is totally reversible and is fanally available!

    Innovative design and outstanding performance of the shielding fabric: anti-wave protection of a very high level (99.999% high and low frequencies) 

    Sizes: 0/6m; 6/12m.

  • Fichu marine

    Fichu anti-ondes


    Un fichu anti-ondes léger, idéal pour la saison estivale !

    Blindage 100% argent.

    Dimensions du triangle: L86cm x H43cm

    Deux coloris. Modèle unisexe. Pour tous les styles !


  • Casquette plate avec couvre nuque détachable

    Casquette plate avec couvre nuque détachable


    Elégance et protection : la première "casquette plate anti-ondes" avec très grand couvre nuque détachable. Blindage 20% argent, doublée coton bio certifié GOTS pour se protéger des ondes de la visière au couvre nuque: efficacité 99,999%.

    Existe en 4 tailles M, L, XL et XXL, coloris tabac, clair à l'extérieur, foncé à l'intérieur.

    Parfaitement UNISEXE

    La tradition de la chapellerie française au service de la protection

  • Foulard moutarde et bonnet style tricot

    Foulards anti-ondes double gaze

    Pour varier les styles et les plaisirs, un nouveau foulard protecteur, léger et toujours bio .
    Très nature et polyvalent : le double gaze, il suffisait d'y penser!

    L 134cm x l 45cm

    Déclinés en 4 coloris, framboise, bleu, moutarde (très lumineux!) et violine.

  • Bonnet de protection anti-ondes pour adolescent, gris jean



    Anti-wave trendy, protective and comfortable hats: the best way to effectively protect against electromagnetic radiations  !

    Available in turquoise stars patterns, blue flowers, green frogs, grey jean or red and navy stripes.

    Our shields are all 100% Silver: This means that no other metal enters their composition. 
We never use copper which offers no protection against electromagnetic fields of low frequencies. In addition, all our products are tested according to military standard ASTM D4935-10 and/or IEEE-STD-299-2006.

  • Semelles anti-ondes CUIR

    Anti-waves insoles


    insoles for everyday anti-waves protection: another creation from waves and protection®!

    An essential accessory to bringyou unparalleled protection and comfort ! Leather for a pleasant environment in your shoes;Wool for guarantees comfort and warmth.

    Available in size 36 to 45.

      The shield of our soles is guaranteed:
    • mitigation 80 dB.
    • Biocompatible (see Glossary).
    • Without nano particles.
    • Tested according to military standard ASTM D4935-10 and/or IEEE-STD-299-2006.
  • Electromagnetic fields

    Their nature, characteristics and potential risks.

    Biological effects of electromagnetic waves

    Actual and presumed effects of electromagnetic fields on human health

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    Our anti-waves clothing technology

    An unique and innovative technology, 100% made in France.

    "If we gave a gravity factor of 1 for asbestos, we would have to give a gravity factor of 1000 for the potential toxicity of electromagnetic fields"

    Professeur Dominique BELPOMME

    France 4, le 28 mars 2016