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A warm, sober and comfortable anti-wave protection hat: the best way to be protected in winter!
Natural wool effect but in 100% thick cotton or cotton and wool.
For a very goodprotection during winter.

Efficiency of attenuation : 99.999% against high and low frequencies.

Our shields are all 100% Silver: This means that no other metal enters their composition. 
We never use copper which offers no protection against electromagnetic fields of low frequencies. In addition, all our products are tested according to military standard ASTM D4935-10 and/or IEEE-STD-299-2006.

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This electromagnetic wave protection hat was designed specially for winter :

  • Very high performance at high and
 low frequencies.
 60 db
  • 3 layers of fabric, 2 layers of organic cotton certified GOTS 
(internal and external) and 1 layer of lining in between the 2 layers
 of cotton.

  • An extendible fold that allows adjustment of the depth of the hat
 to cover the forehead and the neck.
  • Stays put on even the most active occupation.
  • 4 colors: mustard, mustard seed, ecru wool appearance, dark blue wool appearance.

No irritating seams or labels for complete comfort and the certainty
 that they will keep their hat on their head!

Made in France.

Its maintenance is easy and fast:

  • Hand wash, without rubbing or twisting
    • soak for a few minutes,
    • use very little SOAP, a non-aggressive detergent (organic) is best,
    • press the garment. NEVER rub if there is a stain. If this is the case use an old toothbrush. a little bit of SOAP and rub gently,
    • never twist to take the water out. Always press as is done with a sponge,
    • dry flat or on a washing line, squeezing regularly. Avoid full sun.
  • Machine wash
    • in a small washing bag (like for lingerie),
    • maximum temperature 30 degrees,
    • with a full load,
    • delicate spin,
    • use non-aggressive detergent (organic),
    • dry flat or on a washing line, squeezing regularly. Avoid full sun.

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