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Anti-Wave Gloves

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For all of you that feel the pain and unpleasantness of using a connected device: smartphone,
wireless mouse, Ipad, remote control etc…

Keeping TACTILE USE !!!  !


Available in 2 sizes: M (female hand), L (male hand).

Sold individually.

Available in 2 sizes: M (female hand), L (male hand)

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    Our shields are:
  • 100% silver:This means that no other metal enters their composition.
  • Biocompatible (see Glossary).
  • Tested according to military standard ASTM D4935-10 and/or IEEE-STD-299-2006.


  • Efficacity 99,999% ,It reduces 100 000 the powert of the wave. (accès aux tests).

  • Ambidextrous glove,
  • Long wrist,
  • Compatible with tactile screens,
  • 2 elastics on the wrist (on/below);
  • Composition : 20% silver, 80% spandex
  • Its maintenance is easy and fast:

    • Hand wash, without rubbing or twisting
      • soak for a few minutes,
      • use very little SOAP, a non-aggressive detergent (organic) is best,
      • press the garment. NEVER rub if there is a stain. If this is the case use an old toothbrush. a little bit of SOAP and rub gently,
      • never twist to take the water out. Always press as is done with a sponge,
      • dry flat or on a washing line, squeezing regularly. Avoid full sun.
    • Machine wash
      • in a small washing bag (like for lingerie),
      • maximum temperature 30 degrees,
      • with a full load,
      • delicate spin,
      • use non-aggressive detergent (organic),
      • dry flat or on a washing line, squeezing regularly. Avoid full sun.


Made in France.

Additional Information

Line Description Un gant "seconde peau" , léger et confortable.

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