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Tank Tops

Toujours à la pointe dans le domaine de la protection, Ondes et Protection® vous propose un débardeur exceptionnel, très protecteur et totalement invisible! 100% blindage argent, conçu pour protéger tout le tronc.

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  1. The tank top for wearers of pacemakers

    The tank top for wearers of pacemakers

    INNOVATIVE and UNIQUE, this exclusively French made shielding technology in protective fabrics ensures. French Shield technology ®
    100% silver, 100% shielding

    A truly UNIQUE product on the market. 7 sizes.

    Our shields are all 100% Silver: This means that no other metal enters their composition. 
We never use copper which offers no protection against electromagnetic fields of low frequencies. In addition, all our products are tested according to military standard ASTM D4935-10 and/or IEEE-STD-299-2006.

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1 Item(s)