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Anit- wave scarf and snood


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  1. Etole de protection anti-ondes turquoise

    Anti-wave scarfs

    To effectively protect the thyroid, scarfs are protective and light. Always with optimal protection, high quality, natural, organic materials and made in France.

    It is worn around the neck and is long enough to allow two turns around the neck.

    Scarfs for all tastes: beige, black, lavender, écru, red or turquoise cotton. For men and women.

    Our shields are all 100% Silver: This means that no other metal enters their composition. 
We never use copper which offers no protection against electromagnetic fields of low frequencies. In addition, all our products are tested according to military standard ASTM D4935-10 and/or IEEE-STD-299-2006.

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  2. Framboise, Bleu, Moutarde et Violine

    Foulards anti-ondes double gaze

    Pour varier les styles et les plaisirs, un nouveau foulard protecteur, léger et toujours bio .
    Très nature et polyvalent : le double gaze, il suffisait d'y penser!

    L 134cm x l 45cm

    Déclinés en 4 coloris, framboise, bleu, moutarde (très lumineux!) et violine.

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2 Item(s)